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Public Speaking Made Easy

I was delighted when Michael Trigg, The Presentation Maestro joined me on my podcast to inform us how we can speak in public. He shares a wealth of advice, so please do listen now.

Here's a Way to Control Your Nerves

I am starting Season 2 and in this first episode explain what you are going to expect to hear. Plus I will explain a simple technique you can learn to help you control your nerves when you are in an anxious state. It does work!

The Art of Pausing

In public speaking, moments of silence can be very powerful. Pausing is an art to be mastered in the way we present and communicate.

In this podcast I will explain why and how to pause.

Volume - it's not just about being loud

Every speaker needs to learn how to use volume correctly and when mastered it is a powerful tool to use. In this podcast I explain why and how you should learn this skill.

First Steps in Creating a Presentation

How do you go about creating a presentation?

Here in this podcast I share with you ways that will enable you to take the right steps in creating your presentation or public talk.