Roland Millward

The art of communication is something that all of us should develop. Sadly, although speaking and communication is a vital part of our lives it is often overlooked in education. Schools, colleges and universities in my experience fail to teach people how to communicate well.

Communication involves more than just speaking, it's the choice of words, how they are delivered, how we look and much more.

I love to communicate and have spent many years in in occupations where I have had to deal with people face to face and present to them. In fact, I have spent decades learning how to improve my communication skills and extend them from speaking not only in person but online through, writing, blogging, podcasting, video and live broadcasting. Each of the communication systems requires a different approach and as an example, what might work well on stage will not transfer to podcasting or video.

My podcast, Time to Talk - the Art of Communication is to me a new form of communication and here I share advice on all types of communication. Podcasting is relatively new to me and as I learn and improve my skills I will share them with my listeners. Learning new forms of communication is something good for all of us to do as the skills can enable us to improve across other areas too.

Would you like help to improve your communication skills? Please call me on 07952 843167 and we can discuss the best way forward to help you.