Haynes Motor Museum

Haynes Motor Museum, Sparkford, Yeovil Somerset

I have been intending to visit The Haynes Motor Museum at Sparkford for many years and have finally made achieved my goal. The museum was opened in 1985 with a collection of 29 cars owned by the founder John H. Haynes OBE. A new purpose built building was completed in 2014 and the museum now …


Should you Reblog?

Should you reblog - wordpress

One of the ways that blog posts get shared is through the ability to reblog. If a blogger finds a blog post of interest they can use the reblog button to post the blog onto their own blog as a new post. Is this a good thing to do? There are some bloggers who seem …

Paris: A Photo-Essay

I would like to share these super photos with my readers.

Thirty photographs from our flânerie through Paris.

0001 Paris.

0002 Sunday breakfast in the Jardin des Tuileries.

0003 The west façade of Notre-Dame Cathedral. Wonky composite of twelve photographs.

0004 Notre-Dame Cathedral. Detail 01, west façade.

0005 Notre-Dame Cathedral. Detail 02, west façade.

0006 Notre-Dame Cathedral. Detail 03, north façade.

0007 Notre-Dame Cathedral. Interior.

0008 Notre-Dame Cathedral. North façade Rose Window.

0009 Looking south from Montmartre.

0010 Detail.

0011 Montmartre street.

0012 Pont de l’Archevêché.

0013 Louvre approach through the Passage Richelieu.

0014 “Was it busy?”… “Yeah, quite busy.”

0015 Jardin des Tuileries.

0016 Chair. Terrasse du Bord de l’Eau.

0017 Musée d’Orsay.

0018 Poster.

0019 Pompidou Centre / Rue du Renard.

0020 Pompidou Centre / Place Georges Pompidou.

0021 Wall / Art.

0022 Love / Heart.

0023 Arc de Triomphe 01.

0024 Arc de Triomphe 02.

0025 Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

0026 Avenue d’Iéna.

0027 Rue de Buenos Ayres.

0028 Tour Eiffel 01.

0029 Tour Eiffel 02.

0030 River Seine / from the Tour Eiffel.

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