BBC – Travel – Why people are obsessed with Fair Isle

Scotland’s Fair Isle is remote, challenging – and a magnet for new settlers, who have been inspired to move here by everything from a childhood jumper to a radio broadcast. Source: BBC - Travel - Why people are obsessed with Fair Isle Here is another interesting BBC Travel Blog: 9 Reasons To Visit Gaziantep, the …


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On the street in Madagascar…

Reblog from Africa Far and Wide: A really good account with excellent photos.

Africa far and wide

I didn’t really know what to expect. And I was right not to expect, because there is no box for Madagascar! Sometimes it felt like we were in the middle of Asia, surrounded by rice paddies and people with Polynesian features. Sometimes it felt a bit like what I imagine Cuba to be; a colourful, time-warped country with antique cars and bright colonial-styled buildings with paint peeling off the red-clay bricks. Sometimes it felt like we’d walked into a French Cafe – choosing from a menu of Foie Gras, croissants and imported French wine. Sometimes it felt like a street market in Mozambique; with piles of clothes for sale on the road side, road-runner chickens and cows obstructing the traffic.

I love this about Madagascar, that it’s a country that fits no box. It’s different to anything I’ve ever experienced; a colourful patchwork of people and landscapes.

Antananarivo Rice paddies

“Discovery consists not…

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