Walking is Good for You!

Walking is good for you

A great deal of research is done on health matters and the many forms of exercise that we can take. We all know that we should exercise but frankly, the thought of spending hours in a gym or pounding the streets in our running shoes is a turn-off. This is where walking if it is proven …


Relieve Stress – Do some gardening!

Relieve stress do some gardening

Modern life can be stressful and there has been much written about this along with ways to relieve stress. There is a very pleasant way to relieve stress and it's called gardening! To get the most from gardening as a stress reliever the first thing is to treat it as a hobby and not a …

Interview with Steven Healey – Live Broadcaster

Live streaming, broadcasting with Steven Healey, Devizes, Wiltshire.

Live broadcasting is becoming more popular by the day. With broadcasts on Facebook Live, Periscope and Instagram now attracting millions of viewers. I have personally known Steven Healey for quite a number of years having met him locally through a business network, The Wiltshire Business Club. having watched him on many live broadcasts and indeed …