What’s Your Body Telling You?

What's your body telling you about your health

We are advised by doctors to see them if we see or notice something unusual with our health. The problem is that quite often things change slowly and we become so familiar with them that we don't take notice. I have been doing some research and whilst there are many warning signs that I could …


Declutter Your Life

Declutter your life

Have you considered that it's time to declutter your life? Many people spend time decluttering a cupboard,  a room, office or entire house. We can all build up a collection of stuff that we accumulate that really is not needed. All of this stuff takes up space and time in storing it and looking after …

Never Assume

Never assume

Never assume anything except the rising and setting of the sun! We all have dealings with people on a day to day basis and much misunderstanding and disappointment can occur when we make assumptions. "Assume - suppose to be the case, without proof, take as read, take for granted, guess." Many years ago, when I was …

Stranger than Fiction

Do you know that terrible cliche about life being stranger than fiction? Why do we hate cliches so much anyways? Maybe it’s because they tend to express an impossibly to deny truth. One that has to be remembered over and over again. via Stranger than fiction — Cristian Mihai