Rights or Responsibilties?

rights or responsibilities

It’s my right! So many people today talk about “their rights” and how they should be treated. Human rights are very important and should never be trivialised. However many today seem to have the view that everything is “their right” even when it is to the detriment of others. Here in the UK smoking bans …


Conquering Stress with Writing

Overcoming stress, PSTD with writing a blog

I have been told "you are special" my entire life, but I never paid it any mind since everyone is special in God's eyes. I was born to a very young couple that were madly in love but couldn't take care of me and my brother. At two and a half months old I was a very sick …

Globetrotters: When Pig’s Fly – Why we got into travelling

Travel Bloggers

Travelling has become an ever-present privilege that more and more "millennials" are undertaking. Whether it's a gap year or endless pursuit of different wanderlust, there's an emerging torrent of youth filtering in and out of different countries. We're no different & now, based in Canada, we plan to utilise our two-year visa to its full …