Why do I have to pay for my care?

Why do I have to pay for my care

Why do some people in the UK have to pay for their care when others get it free?


Should I Invest in an ISA?

saving cash for the future

ISA’s or in full, Individual Savings Accounts have been for many years an essential tool for saving tax-free both in cash and stocks and shares. Many banks and building societies offered better rates for ISA’s to attract the longer term saver and keep them as customers. However, times change and since the banking crisis, we …

What is Success?

What is Success? How do you define it?

Thousands of books have been written on how to be successful. It seems too, that everywhere you look online there are people who claim that they can teach you how to be successful. Beware though of many of these so-called success leaders. They make their money from people who pay for their online coaching or …

Insurance or Assurance

what is the difference between insurance and assurance

Insurance or assurance, what is the difference? It is easy to be confused with the term life insurance and life assurance. They are sometimes used without being defined by the insurance companies advertising insurance policies. The clue to understanding the difference lies in the word assurance, very similar to assured. A life insurance policy is …