Castle Combe – England’s Prettiest Village

Castle Combe the prettiest village in England

Castle Combe, described as "England's Prettiest Village" is in the county of Wiltshire, lying about 5 miles to the northwest of Chippenham. It's a very picturesque and unspoiled village which has been used as a set in many TV and film productions. The small quayside along the river was used in Dr Dolittle (1967) starring …


Road Trip – Central Europe

Two weeks, almost 2000 kilometers, five countries, three major cities, three more of their little sisters, an agreeable array of country villages, and an assortment of amazing hikes: this was the Euro-version of a late summer road trip, right on the heels of the U.S excursion I’d taken alone just weeks before. We chose our […] …

A Taxi Driver’s Life In San Francisco Before Uber

With much discussion about Uber, especially in London recently, I would like to share this post with you.

Prison Photography

I learnt about Bill Washburn‘s series Taxi years ago (on a recommendation from Blake Andrews). The pictures stuck with me, especially during a recent two-year stint living in San Francisco. Now I’m back in Portland and Bill Washburn is my neighbour and I’m so happy to have been able to write about Taxi for Timeline: These vivid 1980s photos show gritty San Francisco cab life in the days before Uber.

“As a taxi driver, I had a very privileged viewpoint,” says Washburn who drove a cab between 1982 and 1986 to supplement his income during art school. “It was an opportunity to get to know San Francisco intensely. It was a dynamic city, I worked it all, not just downtown.”

Washburn’s unorthodox portraits are strange nostalgic triggers for a city we may not have known then but know now, through daily headlines, of a city drastically changed…

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Newton’s Tree – The Apple Tree that Sparked an Epiphany

Some interesting facts about Newton and apples.

The Treeographer

Apple trees have long been a part of human history, as one of the first cultivated trees, but a tree of the ‘Flower of Kent’ variety inspired one of the biggest scientific discoveries in centuries. The so called ‘gravity tree’ is located on the grounds of Woolsthorpe Manor, the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton.

GodfreyKneller-IsaacNewton-1689 Sir Isaac Newton

The legend goes that Newton was sitting beneath the tree when an apple fell and struck him on the head, sparking the a-ha moment and discovery of gravity. Surprisingly, the reality is not too far off.

While still a student at Cambridge University, an outbreak of the bubonic plague temporarily closed the university and sent him home for 4 years. While there, he continued to experiment with light and motion. One fateful day in 1666, he observed an apple fall from the tree, and began to think about the force that pulled it to…

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