About Roland Millward

Having now entered my “sixties” I can look back on a varied career. I have enjoyed almost 40 years of marriage to my lovely and long-suffering wife, Annette.

I have worked both as an employee and self-employed business owner which has given me a wide range of skills and enlarged my appreciation of life. There are many challenges in life and having a broad range of jobs over the years certainly does help one to face these and succeed.

My current employment is with a company, CHS Healthcare contracted to the National Health Service, which is a very satisfying role assisting people to receive the appropriate care mainly for those in the final days of their life.

I have been blogging for many years and occasionally write blog posts and articles on a freelance basis. I enjoy using social media and I have advised many small businesses on how to get results from it. If you would like help in this area please contact me.

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