Time To Talk - The Podcast

Roland Millward

Let's talk about communication and communicate with interesting people who have a story to tell.

Modulation makes your presentation more interesting

Modulation, that is the pitch, power and pace in your voice makes it easier for the audience to listen to you. It is a powerful method to keep them interested. Listen to this podcast to find out how and you can use modulation in your presentation.

How to use Gestures

Gestures play an important part is presenting and there are several main categories of gestures that you need to use.

In this podcast I will explain these to you and how to use them effectively.

Volume - it's not just about being loud

Every speaker needs to learn how to use volume correctly and when mastered it is a powerful tool to use. In this podcast I explain why and how you should learn this skill.

How to Prepare Your Presentation

Every presentation requires preparation. In this podcast I share with you methods that I have found work well and will help you deliver a good presentation.

First Steps in Creating a Presentation

How do you go about creating a presentation?

Here in this podcast I share with you ways that will enable you to take the right steps in creating your presentation or public talk.