Spring is Here!

I love the springtime here in England! The first flowers are on show and the buds on the plants ready to open. The birds are singing and busy building their nests and fields have lambs bounding about enjoying their new life.

It’s a time to enjoy as the weather warms up and the daylight hours increase into the evenings. It’s a marvellous season!

What do you like about springtime? 

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  1. Hi, Roland, Happy New Year very belatedly . I like the fact that everything seems to come alive in the spring months. Normally , I would say that the weather becomes nicer, but here in New York City our first day of Spring brought another N’oreaster , the fourth in three weeks ! 11 inches of snow this time and the schools in New York City were closed, something that rarely happens. I will be glad when Springtime really comes.

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