I will not tell you what to do

There are many people in this world that will tell you what to do? Is that a good thing?

In reality, we all need to be able to make our own decisions and choices in life. Having someone tell us what to do might sound ideal in that it takes away the need to make a decision that we might be struggling with. Is that so can blame someone else when it goes wrong or perhaps makes us unhappy?

Each of us needs to make our own decisions whether large or small and sadly a generation seems to have emerged where there is a blame culture and much of that is because there has been an expectation that someone else should make the choices. What we really need are advisers who don’t tell us what to do but rather who will help explain to us or show us how to do something. It is our decisions that we should take responsibility for and find ways to carry them out if we don’t know.

Imagine a situation where you’re looking for a new job. How would you feel if someone found a job for you and that said you must take it? No doubt like me, you would tell them it is not their decision and that you’re going to choose the job that you would like to do, not the one they want you to do. For a moment though think of the potential consequences if you do what they tell you and you end up with a job that makes you thoroughly miserable.

If you don’t have a job the best question you can ask is not what should you do but how can you be successful in getting a job. This applies across life generally. We need to seek advice and help in many ways but look for the how maybe at times the why but be very wary of the what.

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