Time to Talk

We live in a world where everyone seems busy with little time to talk.

Have you noticed though, that people are communicating? They are constantly on their phones sending text messages, using Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and more! You often see people sitting in cafes and restaurants with their families and friends and their eyes fixed on their phones. Often they are communicating with their so-called Facebook friends, people they probably hardly know and yet ignoring those they do.

How sad this situation is. Taking time to talk to people we know or indeed strangers in person that we can eventually know is so important to have stable relationships and good neighbours. Talking is also therapeutic, as any psychologist or counsellor will tell you. Talking can help you overcome anxiety, stress and grief. Far too many people bottle up their feelings and today’s modern use of the smartphone is making this worse.

Talking in person is so much more effective than any other method, even than video calls where at least you can both see and hear other. When you talk in person the fact you are in each other’s physical presence has an effect on how you view each other.

Sense of Touch

We physically see in 3D but on a screen when using video it is two dimensional. When we are together other senses come into action. For example, a handshake, kiss or hug the sense of touch. This is a powerful way to bond with people and something you can only achieve in person.

Senses of Smell and Taste

Even the sense of smell comes into play, hopefully for the most part in a pleasant way with the aroma of a nice perfume. As we talk to people certain scents we smell in the future will be linked to those conversations, even those of a meal we were eating together and to that we can add the sense of taste. With electronic communication, there is no sense of touch, taste or smell, three of our five senses.

Maybe now is the time for us to get back to taking time to talk to people in person. However when there are times we can’t meet in person, rather than resort to online messages at least make a phone or video call. When you are with people ditch your phone! Don’t be tempted to look at and concentrate on the those who you are with.

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