Have you tried Anchor?

It’s described as the ‘easiest way to make a podcast. Ever’ 

Download the app to your tablet or phone. With the most recent update, you now have the ability to use it directly on the Anchor website.

It’s simple to create podcasts which you currently can automatically upload to Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Overcast and Pocket Casts.

Anchor listeners can respond with recorded messages allowing you to build rapport with your listeners. Your podcasts and Anchor station can be embedded into your webpage and blog posts.

When you create a podcast there are lots of musical effects, such as transitions, you can use to add and also you can connect to your iTunes or Spotify account.

Another great feature is the ability to have up to 8 people recording at once. A super feature for interviews and group discussions!

New broadcast links can be instantly shared on Twitter and Facebook. Anchor.FM is something that you can add to your social media armoury and especially if you shy away from appearing on video this could be better for you.

Find me on Anchor.FM and see what it’s all about by clicking here.



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