Warminster Town FC v Westbury United FC

For fans of Warminster Town and Westbury United currently in Division One of the Toolstation Western League, this is their local Derby. On December 26th the two sides met at Weymouth Street, the home of Warminster Town. Westbury United started as clear favourites to win the game as they are riding high at the top end of the league with Warminster sliding down to a few places off the bottom after a promising start to the season.

Westbury went in at halftime 2 0 up. Warminster came out fighting in the second half and soon got a goal back. They fought well for around the first 20 minutes or so until fading a little, allowing Westbury to score. The weather during the second half didn’t help with pouring rain and the pitch getting ever more sticky. Warminster’s player-manager, Mark Breffit was sent off towards the end of the game for a late sliding tackle. So the final score, Warminster Town FC 1 Westbury United FC 3.

It was, however, an entertaining game and a good crowd attended despite the weather and a credit to lower level non-league football. I have added some of the video footage shot at the game to give you a taste of our local football and invite you to attend when you can.

I love to watch non-league football. At this level, most of the players don’t get paid, and if anything, it costs them money as well as lots of their time. The clubs themselves rely on volunteers to keep everything going and serve the local community in many different ways and for this, they are to be applauded.

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