Bitcoin – is it a safe investment?

Bitcoin on the rise?

Every day, it seems that Bitcoin is growing in value, in fact, it’s recent rise is meteoric. Today December 18th, as I write this it stands at $18,790 (US). It’s only a few years ago that was just 6 cents!  Just a year ago it reached the dizzy heights of $807. What is fueling this tremendous growth of what really is nothing than an electronic piece of data?

What fuels Bitcoin growth?

In my humble opinion – Greed! People see the incredible growth, they want in. But the question is what are they buying? Unlike traditional commodities, there is no physical product. No gold, silver, wheat or coffee beans. You are buying what could be a worthless speck of code on your hard drive. Bitcoin means you hand your real money to someone for a piece of code in the hope that another will buy it from you in the future.

There lies an issue. It could become totally worthless!

Here is my little video tongue in cheek take on Bitcoin. I hope you enjoy it.

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