Television Shows that treat us as Idiots

Over the past few years, many of the TV shows seem to be designed in a way that treats we the viewers as idiots. I personally find the following technique particularly annoying.

This technique, which is used in TV documentaries, goes like this:

The show which will cover several events will start off with one event then switch to another before concluding it. One such show to give an example is Helicopter Heroes produced here in the UK. The show then goes back to the first incident and shows the viewer what has happened so far, which of course they already know as it’s only a few minutes since they saw it. The show will then without concluding the first event go on to another then back to the second and so on, each time repeating what has happened so far.

The only advantage of this technique that I can see is so that the show can be produced with 30 minutes material and stretched out to an hour. For me, it is highly annoying and as a result, I don’t bother to watch shows that do this on such a grand scale. Do they really think that I need reminding every few minutes what has happened so far, or that I need each event broken down into smaller segments?

What about you? Do find that television shows do treat viewers as idiots? Not just in the above example but in other ways too? Please leave your comment in the box below.