Life is Not a Straight Line

Mathematically a straight line is the shortest distance between 2 points.

How does that work out in real life situations? We often have to travel from A to B but know that the road will not be a straight a line. Often, hills, valleys and mountains get in the way which although you could argue that a tunnel or bridge might keep the road straight the cost involved is astronomical. The deviation around the obstacle, although an inconvenience, is viewed as a better option than engaging in huge engineering works.

In our daily life we face challenges that must be met but can we apply the above principle to meeting some of these? Perhaps there is a challenge you face and you need to decide how to handle it. Do you have to face this head on? Maybe there is a way, which although perhaps appears inconvenient will allow you to go around the challenge and deal with the obstacle?

When we face challenges or obstacles there are times that the only thing we can see is that problem. What though, if we took more time to assess things and decide if there are other options, a different way? We can then assess if we can still reach our goal without being delayed by battling the obstacle.

There are some people that sadly hold the view that you have to take the straight route and knock down every obstacle en-route. Why waste time and energy doing that? Once we accept that life has twists and turns with obstacles to deal with it helps us to enjoy the experience rather than worry over missing a defined pathway.

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