Travel Brochures are Boring!

Is it just me that finds travel brochures very predictable and boring?

There is a time in the year when we start planning a holiday (vacation for US readers) and we eagerly seek out those glossy travel brochures either from a travel agent, online or by post. We open up and start searching for our ideal holiday.

However, for me, travel brochures are boring!

Over the years I have flicked through many brochures and seen hundreds of photos of swimming pools and beach umbrellas. Where is the imagination? How many pool and beach photos do we need? How many plates of food? Plus the odd photo of local places or famous buildings. Travel brochures can be so boring!

What do you think? Are travel brochures boring to you too? It would be good to hear what you think and please let me know if have seen any travel brochures that have really stood out from the crowd.