Should you Reblog?

One of the ways that blog posts get shared is through the ability to reblog. If a blogger finds a blog post of interest they can use the reblog button to post the blog onto their own blog as a new post. Is this a good thing to do?

There are some bloggers who seem to use other bloggers content almost exclusively this way. This could be described as a lazy way to build a blog, after all, if you’re not producing new content you could hardly be described as a blogger.

If you really do believe that a reblog will be of benefit to your readers, firstly make sure that the blog post is one created by the blogger on whose site the post appears (or is a reblog). There are some bloggers who will steal content and post it. To make sure, copy and paste a few sentences into Google and see if the results lead you to an original source rather than the site you have found the post. If a post proves to be a copy and this could be an infringement of copyright then don’t reblog it.

Not only will a breach of copyright open you up to a claim from the copyright owner, Google and other search engines take a very dim view of copycat content and will penalise you in the search results.

If a blogger has not set up the ability to reblog then do not copy the post into your own blog even if you give credit to the original blogger. You could contact the blogger and ask if they would like you to use the content in some way and get their permission in writing if you still feel that the effort will be worthwhile.

So here are a few reminders on the use of a reblog.

1 Only reblog posts that will be of interest to your target readers
2 Don’t reblog too often. Create your own blog posts and readership
3 Check that the blog post is original and not in breach of copyright
4 If in doubt leave it out!

Having read a post that has interested you and you decide not to reblog, it could still be a source of inspiration for a post of your own. A post that is best for a reblog in my opinion tends to be one where the blogger has added photos that you would not otherwise have access to. I have on this basis reblogged a few travel blogs.

If you are having difficulty in producing enough of your own content a better method than simply reblogging others material would be to ask bloggers to guest post for you. They can write a unique post that will give them a link back to their blog with a good bio and publicity. Many bloggers are willing to do this if they believe that the site will enhance them as a blogger.


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