September 2017 Featured Blog

Human in The System

This months featured blog is Human in The System by Gareth Lock

Communication is the key skill which underpins teamwork, leadership, decision-making and situational awareness. Despite its essential need, how often do training and coaching specifically focussing on effective communication actually get delivered? From a survey in the US by H2H Dynamics, 83% of business issues are down to ‘people skills’ and yet only 13% of training budgets are spent in this area. You might be the best accountant, lawyer, doctor or construction manager, but if you can’t communicate, you aren’t going to be able to lead and resolve issues at work. The best leaders are those who can do situational communication!

Gareth Lock is a retired RAF senior officer who has spent the last 3 years, since he left the RAF after 25 years in, developing and delivering training which focuses on human performance – teamwork, leadership, communication and decision-making and understanding the impact of stress and fatigue. He is one of only 5 trainers in the whole UK certified to deliver a training programme which uses the same materials as used by NASA as part of their astronaut selection process for nearly 20 years – the Process Communication Model.

Gareth is passionate about personal and team improvement and doesn’t care which domain that is in. He has taught in healthcare, the oil and gas sector, high-risk diving teams, and the corporate environment all to make people perform to a higher level, focussing on the systemic issues and not just the outcome which we see. He writes for a number of international magazines & outlets on human performance and why we need to change our attitudes to human error if we are to improve performance and safety.

In Gareth’s blog you will find some wonderful posts such as, How to help correct the biases which lead to poor decision making. and Why is it so hard to talk about failure. 

I am pleased to be able to recommend this blog to my readers and hope that you enjoy reading the posts. Your comments are welcome in the box below.