Lewis Watson – Midnight

Many of my followers on social media know that I like to listen to music, especially in vinyl format. From time to time I will review some of my vinyl record collection here and I look forward to reading your comments and finding out what you like to listen to and recommend.

Just a few months ago I discovered Lewis Watson, as a result of an email recommending the album Midnight along with a few other artists. I checked out all the recommendations by listening to the short tasters which the email pointed to. Lewis Watson stood out for me and I immediately pre-ordered the vinyl version. Upon the arrival of the album, I have to say that I have not been disappointed. It is a 2 record album with a bonus track, which rather strangely is at the end of the last side with a gap in the record requiring the record arm to be lifted manually to cross the gap.

Lewis Watson was born 19th October 1992 and is an English singer-songwriter, raised in Bicester, Oxfordshire. He has a terrific sound and can be described in a similar vein to Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons and Paulo Nutini, whose songs he has covered on his Youtube Channel. Wikipedia describes his genre as pop, folk and acoustic, which is probably quite fair.

Midnight is Lewis’ second album and it has a good mix of low and up tempo songs which are full of meaning and can soon have you singing along. Normally, when we listen to an album we end up with some favourite songs but I must say that the more I listen to this I really enjoy all of them.


  • Maybe we’re home
  • Little light
  • Deep the water
  • La song
  • When the Water meets the Mountains
  • Hello hello
  • Forever
  • Run
  • Give Me Life
  • Slumber ft. Lucy Rose

I am actually writing this post as I listen to Midnight, it truly is a very good album.

Please check out Lewis Watson’s album Midnight.