Why I Like to Write with a Fountain Pen

The ballpoint pen has become the pen of choice for daily use for most people. After all, they are very cheap in their basic form and will write on nearly all types of paper. The ink dries almost instantaneously, so they don’t smudge and in most pens, the ink lasts a very long time before you either throw the pen away or fit a replacement cartridge.

However, there is something much more satisfying about writing with a fountain pen. Ballpoint pens do have a choice of nib size, fine, medium and broad with shades in between but at the end of the day that merely changes the width slightly of the lines that you are making. Fountain pen nibs are also available in a range of widths but these vary much more and can give the writer more control over the appearance of their writing. This is especially true when calligraphy nibs are used to allow for varying widths in the line from the same nib.

Many fountain pens users like myself even like the smell of the ink as it dries and in fact, some inks can be scented adding to the experience. Whatever ink you choose it will have a unique smell according to its composition. Fountain pen ink, of course, flows as you write and so it gives a really nice feel as you write.

There are some beautifully made fountain pens and it is good to buy them not only for the look but the balance, that is how they sit in your hand. I would advise that you never use the cap on top of the pen when you write as this can create a top heavy feel and the pen will lose its balance. Writing with a fountain pen is a pleasure and makes you want to write more so if you don’t have one why not consider it today? Once you have used a fountain pen I am sure that you will enjoy the experience and will probably want to build a collection! There is a good market in secondhand and vintage fountain pens with many of them becoming a good investment for the future.

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  1. Fountain pens are good for those who have beautiful writing. There’s something classy about writing with a good ink pen but I find the ball point pen so much easier to handle. No smudging, no ink stains and no refilling the ink☺

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