Globetrotters: When Pig’s Fly – Why we got into travelling

Travelling has become an ever-present privilege that more and more “millennials” are undertaking. Whether it’s a gap year or endless pursuit of different wanderlust, there’s an emerging torrent of youth filtering in and out of different countries. We’re no different & now, based in Canada, we plan to utilise our two-year visa to its full potential before galavanting into the South American sunset. So how did we start our travels?

Quite foolishly, some might say! Two months into an extremely raw relationship and we packed our bags to head off to SE Asia. It was only a month in when someone we met questioned the hasty decision that we thought it was crazy! Three years and fourteen countries later, it’s still the best decision we’ve made and set the foundations for a concrete and stable bond.  I guess that’s one of the beauties of nomadic roaming, creating forgeable relationships and networking with different corners of the globe. We’ve been privileged enough to go visit friends in Alaska, Indonesia and Australia to name a few.

Why Did We Travel?

Our original mindset of travelling was to understand new cultures, gaze upon snow capped mountains and dust our feet along sandy beaches. As we’ve grown, so has our interest in all things around these areas. The history, the food, their social pragmatics and more. We’ve taken so much away from each individual place that it’s hard to conceptualise into words sometimes.

Being surrounded by all my family and friends at home was sometimes the most alienated times I’ve had. Each time we return from a certain place, there’s a certain euphoria of homecoming. I remember seeing someone for the first time in three years and they asked me what I’d been up to. I must have gassed her ear off for ten to fifteen minutes! When I reciprocated the question, her response? “Yeah, not much new really, same old.” I was flabbergasted! That made me realise the lucky position we’ve put ourselves in. There’s the argument we could be left behind professionally, yet there’s the counter argument of life skills and invaluable experience from different sociocultural environments. We’re currently counter arguing!

Then there are the memories. Life’s too short to be hoping for that two week holiday. In an era where we’re expected to work and live longer, we’ve always thought that postponing the inevitable during our twenties is acceptable and a healthy way of life. The burdening stress that used to fill me every Monday to Friday morning has gone, knowing that there’s a new adventure peering around the corner. Here is a selection of images of the adventures we’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of!

Scroll down for photos!

Why we got into travelling

When Pigs Fly - selfie

The Coliseum Rome
The Coliseum Rome
on a Gondola Venice Italy
Gondola ride Venice, Italy
Fast Boat When pigs fly
Fast Boat!
Great views
Great backdrop for a selfie!
dangerous walk
Don’t look down!
Great wall of China
This is how you build a wall
Group photo - when pigs fly
..& the turds that covered us in icy water!

We have learned so much during our short time as an awesome twosome. We’ve grown together, experienced things that are unobtainable for some and have understood what a wonderful world we live in, when we all live in a sustainable, welcoming and prosperous society. We would urge you to do whatever makes you happy but for the time being, this is what is working for us.

Thank you to Oliver & Rachael for contributing this post. You can follow their travels in their blog GlobeTrotters: When Pigs Fly


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