Are You a Morning Person?

How do you feel each morning? Wide awake or bleary eyed until eleven o’clock?

I know many people who make the claim, as they stumble around in a morning, that ‘they are not a morning person’, some even say, “I don’t do mornings!”

Why are some people ‘morning people’ and others ‘night owls’?

There are many theories and some point out that each of us has a different biological clock. Some scientists say that it is part of our DNA. It’s probably though, in many cases due to our modern lifestyles. Since the invention of electric lighting, television and the Internet we can stay active all through the night if we wish.

The industrial revolution created a work environment where people needed to be in a certain place (often a factory or office) for a certain length of time. Today this is still the case for many people. Our lives, including sleep revolve around employment and with so many other things to do or entertain us in our leisure time our internal clocks can get messed up.

The majority of us spend little time in daylight compared to artificial light which also must have an effect on us. If you find that mornings are difficult times, is there anything you can do to improve the way you feel? Probably a key to becoming a morning person is getting to sleep early enough and at a regular time. Experts agree that regularity of sleep is key to good health. Going to bed and getting up at the same times each day do work to help us get the best from our sleep. It’s a known fact that night shift workers can suffer problems created by having to cope with change in their sleep pattern. Here is some information from The National Sleep Foundation on these effects.

Of course, being a non-morning person, doesn’t really matter if you can achieve what you need to do during the rest of the day or evening.

Are you a morning person?

What about you? Are you a morning person? How does your morning mood affect you and your ability to function in your daily life? Please leave a comment in the box below.


13 Replies to “Are You a Morning Person?”

  1. Interesting. ..babies and subsequently toddlers force you to be a morning person! So now I am one, with bells on! 😂


  2. I guess after previously working for twenty eight years in the retail newsagent and convenience store industry you would expect early mornings to suit me.Well they do and it was easy for me to take to morning networking events when I started to use this as a way to attract clients.I am definately at my best in the mornings for business style meetings. Most my client activity finishes soon after 3pm most days which allows me to spend time pursuing my favourite hobbies late afternoon.What I have realised is that being self employed has allowed me to choose the way I live my life and when I work and when I play. Of course, even for me the winter months are a challenge but at least I can give myself choices.


  3. Early mornings are for holidays in the med, when the beach is empty, the sun is coming up and the cafes are just coming to life. Breakfast networking meetings just don’t compare.

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  4. Some days I work well in the morning, other days I work well into the evening. Generally, I spend the hours between 9 am and 5 pm “working” which I guess is a hangover pattern from the days when I was employed. I love my sleep and don’t cope well if I get less than 8 hours each night. On the rare occasions when my mind is buzzing and I can’t get to sleep, I use the “7-11 Breathing” technique which always activates the “off switch” within just a few minutes, allowing me to drift off quickly.

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  5. I’m a very morning person. I feel that I lost a lot if I wake up late and mostly can’t do a lot that day. My day starts around 4:30am even in weekend. I might have a nap if I have plans to long nights.

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