Blogging is not just about you

I read many blogs and particularly enjoy those about people’s experiences and yet I am writing now that ‘blogging is not about you’.

Obviously there are many blogs that are personal accounts and that do have many readers. However, even if you are writing about your own personal experience, travels, family life, things you make or photos you take do remember why it is that people will take up their time to read your blog posts.

People will read your posts because of what is in it for them. It sounds selfish and it’s true it is. If you write your blog just for your own selfish reasons you might find that you lose your audience who have their own selfish reasons for reading it. What I have written so far might appear to be conflicting.

Let’s think this through. Imagine reading a blog, a very personal one by someone who is fighting cancer. The blogger can be writing down their thoughts about their hopes and fears. The reader is perhaps looking for hope, a fellow sufferer that can give them encouragement and help to allay their own fears. The reader, though they might be drawn to the writer are reading for their own personal benefit. The writer of the blog needs to keep this in mind and reflect carefully about the way they write so that although this is a very personal blog it’s written in a way that includes the reader.

Have you ever spoken to someone who only ever talks about themselves, not even allowing you to get a word in about yourself? They might even ask you a question and as you begin to answer, jump in and turn the conversation back to themselves. Most likely you have met such a person.

As you write it’s good to mention other people, maybe those that have helped you and people you have helped, showing that you are not just interested in yourself. Even though your post is very personal think about your reader and how it might sound to them. Blogging, unlike a book or magazine article, allows you to ask questions and encourage readers to answer in your comments section. You are then able to respond, and when you do make sure that it is in a way that is about them and not you.

Keep writing – keep blogging and think about your readers – blogging is not just about you.

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