Modern Medicine is Barbaric

‘Modern medicine is barbaric’ is quite a claim to make.

However let’s think about the past and how medicine and the medical profession has developed.

The very first use of anaesthetic did not take place until 1846 when James Young Simpson was the first to use chloroform on a human patient for tooth extraction. Up until this time and for a while after this, patients were being operated on without anaesthetic something that would be truly painful and many died as a result of shock. Today we would describe those medical procedures as barbaric but those at the time had the choice of a potentially life saving operation or certain death.

Anaesthetic itself has changed from the use of chloroform to far more advanced products. Today there are local anaesthetics that allow a patient to be operated on whilst conscious and pain free. However, what about in the future? Many operations today are far less invasive than they used to be and that’s real progress and could mean that former methods used only a few years ago are barbaric when compared to keyhole surgery. In the future there might be ways of avoiding operations that today are commonplace.

In the field of cancer treatment we see radiation therapy used which though it can cure people, is not without its side effects and again in the future we might hopefully look back and declare that this was a barbaric treatment.

We can all be grateful for modern medicine but need to recognise its limits today and its potential for the future. There is much research being done and we can be thankful for that.

Which areas of modern medicine would you like to see improved in the future? Please leave a comment in the box below.


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  1. I think you’ve touched upon a hugely controversial and profound subject. There are many who would argue that not only are cancer treatments detrimental, they are purposely so. It’s an insane and deceitful world, that of modern
    medicine , but unfortunately alternatives are feared, demonised , condemned and silenced. Great post!

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