Vintage is the New Modern

Trends and fashion come and go. Today we seem to be going back to the past, not only for inspiration for a new design but to regain a past time.

Have you noticed a number of vintage shops selling secondhand clothes and household items from days gone by? The 1950’s to the early 1970’s seems to be a popular time frame. Many manufacturers are also replicating items from this era and producing appliances such as radios, toasters, kettles, fridge-freezers and more!

Fashion comes and goes

Clothing fashion always comes and goes but many now prefer to buy actual clothes made in that era from second-hand shops. There is also a good choice in new clothes made in vintage styles. The word ‘retro’ is now well used in the English vocabulary. Many of those buying these items were not born when they were originally designed, so it can’t be personal nostalgia driving them towards making purchases of vintage/retro goods. Perhaps it’s nostalgia created by listening to their parents or grandparents over their formative years? Whatever the reason the vintage/retro trend has become big business.

Vintage Clothes fashion

The trend of vintage/retro has been around now for some time. I have been trying to remember when this trend started to gain popularity and in my research, it seems to be the early 2000’s. In view of this, we could say that the retro trend is not a mere fashion phase, as these generally tend to come and go in less than a year or two.

Vintage and Retro – I Like it!

Personally, I like the fact that we have so much choice and can go back in time or look to new designs or concepts. We also have to remember that as in the world of antiques, the past also has had its rubbish products and much old tat was produced which did not last. As a result, we can deduce that by and large the stuff that people have kept was the better end of the market, well designed and made.

vintage radio and now an inspiration for retro radios

Progress is not always for the better, so by taking what is essentially good design, maybe adding some modern technology and safety features, we can produce something really good.

It’s about time we learned from the past!

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4 Replies to “Vintage is the New Modern”

  1. I clearly love all the vintage and retro memorabilia. My business thrives on the collections of vintage china, cutlery and hand stitched tablecloths. So much work (indeed hours sewing for the bottom drawer) has gone in to embroidering the tablecloths, I am glad to be giving them a new lease of life. As for the props from old post boxes, hat boxes, porter station trolleys, to heavy leather suitcases and vanity bags – well yes, I am an addict and love it all!

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  2. I have a few products from the 80s that I ADORE. That said, I was born in early the 90s. I grew up watching 80s movies, so is the nostalgia from there?
    I mean, I don’t get that gut feeling I get when I’m nostalgic. Instead, I’m finding I just love the pieces themselves. If I didn’t like how they worked with my style, I wouldn’t have bought them, regardless of how much I liked the aesthetic(unless it’d make a perfect gift for someone). Pastels are an example of that.


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