Use Google to Get Ideas for Your Blog Posts

Google – Subject Ideas for Your Blog

Google is a great source for inspiration. It might be that you are writing for your business, so start to type in a subject that covers your business. For example, let’s say that you’re an accountant. Open Google and enter a word such as “tax”. Firstly note the words that start to appear in the search box as suggestions as you type because these are the current popular search terms being used. Choose one of these suggestions and enter. Then look down the search results and see the titles of the searches over the first 3 pages and see if there are any subjects that appeal to you to write up as a blog post.

Google also has a Keyword Planner that advertisers use to see what are the popular searches. Take a look at this by clicking here. It is free to use and is a very good resource for bloggers. When you enter a phrase or a word it will suggest lots of variations and alternatives to use.

By using Google you will know which words or phrases people are searching for. This will not only  give you ideas for subjects but by writing for these terms you can greatly improve your chances of your blog appearing on the Google results first page or two. It is probably best to aim for those search terms that produce a few thousand searches a week rather than tens of thousands to give you more chance of getting on page 1 of Google.

Video – Google Keyword Planner

Watch this video to see how you can use the Google Keyword Planner to get ideas for blog posts and write them with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind.

The more blog posts that you write that are being ranked on search engines the better! Traffic from websites is going to be good quality if you are answering the search that people have put into the search engine. Don’t forget to make it easy for people to sign up to follow your blog so that you can inform them each time you add a new post.

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