Pallot Motor and Steam Museum – Jersey

I enjoy seeing mechanical things and a trip to the Pallot Motor and Steam Museum when I was on holiday in Jersey, Channel Islands was a real joy. Although relatively small this really is a gem of a museum.

The museum was the idea and founded by Lyndon ‘Don’ Pallot when almost 80 years of age. Don was a mechanical genius through and through. After leaving school at 14 years of age he started remaking bicycles until he became a trainee railway engineer with Jersey Railways. Don soon developed a love for steam and learned more mechanical skills that he would put to good use during his life. During the early 1930’s Don opened Central Motor Works in Jersey. He soon became a farmer’s favourite as he invented and produced farm machinery to make a farmer’s life easier.

Don was a great collector of all kinds of machinery and so over time this needed a home and one which he felt should be shared with others to see. Don passed away in July 1996 at the age of 85 and the collection in the museum is owned by a trust operated by his family. The income to run the trust and museum comes entirely from museum entrance fees, which in my opinion are very modest, and two steam fairs held in Jersey each year. The trust employs only 2 full-time workers and everything else is done voluntarily by the trustees to keep costs down.

What’s at the Pallot Steam & Motor Museum?

When you arrive at the museum the first thing you will notice is the railway track that encircles the museum and the railway platform built along one side. There at the platform is a steam engine pulling Victorian wooden railway coaches. The train steams only on Thursday’s so if you want to see this that will be the day to visit.

Inside the museum, you will find a selection of Traction Steam Engines, Steam Trains, cars, lawnmowers, organs, radios, phones, model cars, bicycles, motorcycles, home appliances, agricultural implements, tractors, trucks, fire engine, carts, lawnmowers and more!

The Pallot Steam and Motor Museum really is an Aladdin’s Cave of mechanical items. It should have something of interest for any visitor no matter what age. I have taken many photographs whilst there and I am delighted to share some of these with you.

Jersey really does have some hidden gems and the Pallot Steam and Motor Museum is certainly one of them.

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