Walking is Good for You!

A great deal of research is done on health matters and the many forms of exercise that we can take.

We all know that we should exercise but frankly, the thought of spending hours in a gym or pounding the streets in our running shoes is a turn-off. This is where walking if it is proven to be good exercise, would be so advantageous.

Is Walking Good for You?

The short answer is yes. Walking, particularly if you walk briskly can burn off many calories and give your heart a good workout. This is especially true if you walk uphill. Unlike running or jogging walking does not put a strain on your spine and other joints with the jarring that your body receives when running. Many runners, particularly as they get older complain about joint and muscle problems caused or aggravated by running.

Dr. Craig Williams a sports science lecturer at the University of Exeter says this about walking: “It can improve muscle endurance as well as muscle strength, especially in the lower body.”

Walking is good for the heart and our circulation system plus it also reduces the risk of varicose veins. Our spines too can benefit as walking stimulates the pumping action that sends minerals and vitamins to the spinal discs.

How often should you walk?

If you’re in a sedentary job where you do little walking during the day then aim for 30 minutes every day. This can be split into two 15 minute sessions so walking to and from work would be a good start, perhaps by parking your car further away from your place of employment, getting off a bus a stop or 2 earlier or taking a longer route on foot. There are many ways that you can build in some time to your daily schedule to walk. For example, why not have a walking meeting? If you need to meet with a colleague suggest that you discuss details over a walk!

For most types of walking little equipment is required except good footwear. If you are going to be more adventurous and walk on rough terrain a good pair of walking boots and socks would be a good investment. Add to this the right clothing if you plan on all weather walking.

Walk Correctly

Walking is one of those things that we take for granted, like breathing. Has anyone taught you to breathe or walk properly? Probably not. However, some of us could do with a little help. There are many videos about how we should walk on YouTube and I have selected one to show you.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and have now planned to do some more walking each day. It will help to keep you fit and reduce stress. Please do leave a comment in the box below and also use the social media share buttons to let other people know about this post.


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