Interview with Steven Healey – Live Broadcaster

Live broadcasting is becoming more popular by the day. With broadcasts on Facebook Live, Periscope and Instagram now attracting millions of viewers. I have personally known Steven Healey for quite a number of years having met him locally through a business network, The Wiltshire Business Club. having watched him on many live broadcasts and indeed appeared live with him, I thought it time to let my readers know more about live broadcasting and share Steven’s experience.

I put the following questions to Steven and here are his answers.

Can you please tell the readers about your background.

I am now a business video chat show host, author, and trainer, I am also an open networker based in Wiltshire

I am the co- author of Live Video Streaming: How to grow your business online.
I am proud to the host of the OneStop.Live show every Wednesday on Facebook (10 am ET, 3 pm BST) in which you can discover more about OneStop with Irene and chat to our guests.


As a business chat show host on and Smiletime I have hosted over 300 LIVE shows since falling in love with the medium.
Chat shows are networking brought to life, you can engage with people from around the world in real time. explore new topics and help people promote their business and cause. Business interviews are my forte and I have enjoyed chatting with over 90 business people around the world and the recordings can be viewed on Youtube

On the #BeliveWeekly show hosted by Jeff Adams,  I deliver broadcasting tips and tricks live to thousands of viewers on Facebook.

I still am a database programmer supporting manufacturing and distribution businesses in the UK.

When and why did you start live broadcasting?

I started in September 2015 by accident, I was watching a show hosted by Phil Aston from Cornwall and he invited people to come live on air with him. Before I knew it, I was chatting with him on camera and after the show realized how much I enjoyed it.
With my good friend Jon Upton I started the weekly ‘Blabbing for Britain’ show on Thursdays and we now have four co-hosts and
really enjoy sharing our thoughts, stories and opinions live on air. We are now in our 78th week.

Blabbing for Britain is about the team of friends who create it each week and our friends who enjoy watching.

It is not the intent to create a commercial enterprise, we simply enjoy chatting together  I have literally lost count of the benefits we have all gained by doing the show.

How has live broadcasting benefited you and your business?

Live Video is becoming my business. I enjoy interviewing people and being the host of shows which help everyone.
With Fraser Hay, I have authored a book about using live broadcasting which is available on Amazon.
I have created live video courses on Udemy and Skillshare which are designed to help everyone get started with live video and create successful shows.
With several good friends led by Jeff Adams, I am a moderator of the official group helping everyone excel at creating shows with
I authored the Udemy course ‘The Complete Belive TV Facebook Live Course’ which covers every aspect of creating shows and is approved by
Every Monday at 8 pm  Jeff Adams hosts the #BeliveWeekly show watched by 10.000+ people each week, Ross Brand and I co-host and I give Tips and Tricks on broadcasting.
I host six live shows on every week, with good friends co-hosting and we explore a variety of topics useful to everyone.

How do you monetize your broadcasts?

My profile and services are promoted on From there people hire me to host or produce shows and have personal 1-2-1 training.
See I host and produce the weekly show.
The live shows that I am part of, promote not only my guests but also my brand. They help to build my reputation as someone who has the ‘Inside track’ on Facebook Live video.
This is turn promotes my book and courses indirectly and is a good example of social selling. I am also able to promote software I enjoy using.

What tips can you share with people who are looking to use live broadcasting?

Live Video is the most effective way to market your business on Facebook.

My best advice is to start watching live video shows and get a feel for how they are run.
Join the Belivers group on Facebook to help you discover shows, there is a new list of shows every day
If you find a show/topic that interests you, join in on camera as a guest.
If you enjoy being a guest, start your own show to demonstrate your area of expertise.

If you need help please contact me.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about Steven’s foray into the world of live broadcasting and that it has helped you to know more about it. Steven Healey is always prepared to help anyone get started in live broadcasting so do get in touch with him. You are also invited to leave a comment in the box below and any questions will be shown to Steven for him to answer them.