The Ups and Downs of Football

Football (soccer) fans will tell you that it is a game with highs and lows. There are millions of devoted football fans that support their teams, each spending a small fortune on tickets and travel. There is an amazing feeling when your team is playing well and severe depression when they are heading for relegation to a lower league.

Football is often described as “The Beautiful Game” a term of unknown origin but the football commentator, Stuart Hall used it in 1958 where it is first recorded.

At the end of each season, there will be fans that are ecstatic that their team has been promoted or in despair because of relegation. Many people support lower league clubs were winning anything is a bonus but year in year out they continue to loyally support them with their time and hard earned cash.

“A strange and inexplicable thing”

Supporting a football club is a strange, inexplicable thing. My first memories are of going to watch Chesterfield F.C. at Saltergate Chesterfield in the early 1960’s, being taken there by my Grandad. Once you start supporting a club it’s hard to stop! Although I moved a long way from Chesterfield in 1971, I still have an affinity for the football club. I occasionally make a round trip of over 300 miles to watch a game or go to a match if they are playing a team closer to me.

The 2016/17 season has been a dismal affair for Chesterfield F.C. and the fans have been truly let down by some very poor performances. And yet, the new season will start in a new lower league (League 2) and the fans will be optimistic and dream again. This will be repeated at football clubs around the world and fans will experience new highs and lows for another season.

Yes, football is a beautiful game, one filled with twists and turns, joy and despair and we love it!

What are your thoughts about the highs and lows of football?