Planning Ahead

Are you good at planning ahead?

Many of us do plan.

We plan for our holidays
Our meals for the week
The things we need to do today at work
Plan to study for our exams

The above are fairly short term plans and those are the kind of plans that we feel comfortable with and often relatively easy to do.

For a moment though, think about the things that we should consider in the longer term.

Retirement and pension planning
Sickness – insurance or savings just in case we get ill
Unemployment – what would happen if you lost your job?
Death – perhaps the one we least likely want to consider

We often put off things that either will or potentially will happen in the future. Thinking decades ahead seems to be far too much to consider.

Please consider, for example, retirement planning. It takes years of saving to be able to build up funds for a financially comfortable retirement. For many, the pain of not being able to spend money today is too great and they would rather enjoy using that money now. They often reason that they will be financially better off later in life and start saving then. However, often that time does not come or their attitude to long-term saving does not change when they reach that point in life.

Death is a Certainty

One thing that is certain on the above list is death. How many people have made a will? In the United Kingdom, over half of the adults have not made a will. That means when those people die there can be problems that their relatives will have to sort out which could easily have been avoided with a properly written will. Why don’t more people write a will? It is easy to arrange and even with a professional will write or lawyer it is not that expensive for the average citizen. Perhaps the reason is that it is something that makes us feel uncomfortable as it reminds us of our mortality and ultimate future.

I once worked in financial services and used to discuss wills and insurance with my clients. Many people, especially when it came to insurance did indeed bury their heads in the sand and take an attitude of “it won’t happen to me”. Sadly things do happen to people, bad things, and sad things. If we really want real peace of mind for ourselves and care for our loved ones we really should consider areas in our lives that are important and plan ahead.

Do you plan ahead?

Have you any advice that you would like to share with my readers?

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