What is Art?

There are many things that are described as art. We are familiar with drawing, painting, and sculpture, which are probably the first things that come to mind when we mention art. In addition to this music, literature, and dance are included in the arts.

Art can be described as “the various branches of creative activity” and often people get incensed over what some call art. For example, what do you think about Tracy Emin’s ‘Unmade Bed’? This won the Turner Prize in 1999 and for many people, this was a step too far in describing an untidy bed surrounded by rubbish as art. It could be said that you don’t have to have any special skills to create an art display like this. There have also been many other prize-winning art displays that are equally as controversial and you may well have some firmly stuck in your mind that have annoyed or even entertained you.

What’s your view of art?

For those of you that find things such as an unmade bed, piles of coal, heaps of old car tyres and other such objects as weird rather than art I am on your side! Art to me is not just creative, which you could argue that Tracy Emin has been, but requires a skill not possessed by all. The works of Turner, Stubbs, Monet, Michael Angelo and Rembrandt show great skill as well as creativity.

What is your view of art? How do you view both the Old Masters and modern artists such as Tracy Emin, Damien Hirst and Banksy. Is some of this art rather like to story of The Emporer’s New Clothes? You know the story, the Emporer was conned into buying invisible clothes, in other words, he ended up being paraded around naked! It took a small child to point this out whilst everyone else was pretending that they could see these wonderful clothes. Can the same be said for some of the art we see today? Do people say they like it to be regarded as cultured?

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