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Blogging for business is a good way to get more traffic to your website, but what to write? This is a question that I have often been asked when I have been explaining to people how a blog works for businesses. In this post, I am going to share with you some top ideas that will help you find subjects to write about that will fit in with your business.

The starting point is to make sure that your blog posts are in keeping with the theme of your website. Writing about aircraft maintenance might be interesting to many but not that practical for a plumbing company. The main idea for your posts is that they will bring visitors to your website who could become customers or recommend your business to others, so being on theme is important.

Let’s take an imaginary business as an example. Now that I have mentioned a plumbing company let’s use this as our case study. What could a plumbing company write about for their blog that will attract potential customers and indeed inform and retain existing ones? Do remember, that although I am describing writing a blog, photographs and videos can and indeed should be inserted. It is best to have at least one photo in your blog to create visual interest.

New Products / Developments

There are always new plumbing products coming onto the market and a blog post devoted to each one of these could generate a good amount of traffic. If you sell these products, then, of course, there is an additional reason to write about them and make it easy for customers to purchase them from you.


What is happening in your business? If you have won any awards, employed new staff, staff retirements or staff gaining qualifications these are all newsworthy matters that show the professionalism of your business. Blogging about these events can help to strengthen the reputation of your business as people read about them.

Other newsworthy events can include a change of opening hours, new premises or a refurbishment, or perhaps something happening such as trade shows that you are attending or have been to that you can write about.

Your Expertise – Blogging can demonstrate

“How to” blog posts work very well and especially if you include helpful photos or video. If you are using a video, don’t be tempted just to add the video without any words in your blog post. Place the video in your own Youtube Channel and then embed the video into your blog. This gives you the double benefit of using YouTube as well as your blog and linking the two together can increase your website traffic and ranking.

Our plumbing business can explain “how to” tackle some of those basic DIY jobs such as changing a tap washer, coping with freezing weather, plumbing in a washing machine and so forth. Now you will find that some businesses will view this idea with horror, thinking why they should show someone how to do a job that they would like to charge for.

The reason is this: People that want to do it themselves will get this information from somewhere else quite easily. They might decide that having looked at the information, the job is one that they don’t wish to tackle. Either way, they now know who to call when they do need a plumber for a job that they don’t want to tackle. Making your website a “go to” place for information by using your blog posts is a good thing to do.

How Things Work

Another way that you can also show your expertise is by explaining “how things work” and there are many people interested in the technical side of plumbing. Here you can use the knowledge that you have gained over many years which will show your expertise. In the case of our plumbing company they could write blog posts on such subjects as: How a toilet flush system works, what goes on inside a gas boiler and of course many more things too.

You might also consider writing about the benefits of one type of system or product over another and again with people searching Google, Bing, and Yahoo for these products, many would be interested in the unbiased view of an expert. Pros and cons explained well will show the readers that you are the “go to” company when they want plumbing work carried out.

These ideas alone should keep you very busy blogging for business!

I would like to pass on a very important piece of advice about getting subjects for your blog. It is, to make sure that every idea you have that you write it down. Things will happen that will make you think that “this would make a great subject for a blog post”. If you’re like me, you will probably forget what that idea was and it will become a lost opportunity. Therefore carry a notebook or add a note to your phone where you can easily find it. It would be good to set up a permanent note if you’re using your phone and title it ‘Blogging Ideas’.

Above all esle – enjoy your blogging!


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