Time To Talk - The Podcast

Roland Millward

Let's talk about communication and communicate with interesting people who have a story to tell.

How to Write a Formal Email

Getting people to read your email in this busy overfilled inbox world in which we live can be challenging. In this episode we look at how you should write an important formal email so that the recipient is likely to read and act on it.

The Art of Pausing

In public speaking, moments of silence can be very powerful. Pausing is an art to be mastered in the way we present and communicate.

In this podcast I will explain why and how to pause.

How to use the camera on Skype and video broadcasts

Many of us now communicate via Skype, Facetime and other similar platforms. In addition we may live broadcast or host webinars. There is one thing to keep in mind when you use these highly effective methods and that is to know how to use the camera! Tune in to this podcast and see why.

Learn How to make NO a Positive Answer

We are taught that the word no is a protection and we tend to quickly use it when we are asked to do something that we don't fully understand. When we communicate with people or involved in selling, rather than trying to get a yes we can use no in a positive way. Listen to this podcast to find out how.

How to Put Your Point Across

There are times when we need to convince people and get across out point in a way that they will accept. In this podcast I will show you how to do this.