Less is More

Less is more - simplify your life

It is often said that less is more. This can be in the way we use words, for example, public speakers and writers are advised not to complicate what they say or write by using too many words. Short sentences which are to the point are easier to understand. There is also a growing group …


Insurance or Assurance

what is the difference between insurance and assurance

Insurance or assurance, what is the difference? It is easy to be confused with the term life insurance and life assurance. They are sometimes used without being defined by the insurance companies advertising insurance policies. The clue to understanding the difference lies in the word assurance, very similar to assured. A life insurance policy is …

Nancy Perriam- a woman in the Georgian Navy (Guest Post)

The Dark Days of Georgian Britain

Written by Christine Hobson, presently working on a project on noteworthy women of the Georgian/ Victorian era

How many women have you ever seen in movies or on television working alongside men during naval battles? The answer if probably “None”, yet many were there! There were lots of women aboard navy ships during before, during and after the Napoleonic Wars. And some, like Nancy Perriam, taking ‘more of a man’s part’, in the action, as she put it later.
Ann Hopping, born Ann Letton and known as Nancy, was a woman from Exmouth, married to second gunner Edward Hopping. She went to sea with her husband in 1795 as a seamstress aboard ‘HMS Crescent’ and later, aboard ‘HMS Orion’, when she heard the drums beating the sailors to their posts for battle she began carrying gunpowder cartridges to the gun deck, working alongside the sailor boy ‘powder monkeys’.
What made…

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Turning the Pages: A Look at the Sketchbooks of Artists

I wish I could sketch like this!


Spend some time in your Reader poring over tags such as illustrated journaling, sketching, and Moleskine . . . if you dare. You risk surfacing hours later, awed by contour, renewed by hues, and sated by art.

Here’s just a small sample of artists we love who share their work on WordPress. Lose yourself in their blogs. The visuals — and the stories behind them — are well worth the risk.

Drawn In

Jean’s kept a journal since 1988 and teaches workshops on illustrated journaling and drawing the elements of nature. Indulge in some of her favorite journal pages.

A self-taught watercolorist, Jean Mackay immortalizes the ephemera of everyday life at Drawn In, where she shares pages from her illustrated journals. “I always aim to make my journal pages reflect something meaningful or interesting from my experiences,” she says. “As you can see from my…

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