Business Networking for Dummies Stefan Thomas

Business Networking for Dummies

Business Networking for Dummies by Stefan Thomas

I first met Stefan Thomas through business networking at a 4Networking meeting. He has built his business through meeting lots of business owners at networking events. Stefan has gained a wealth of experience by attending hundreds of networking meetings and now he shares this in Business Networking for Dummies.

All of us unless we become a recluse, have a network of people around us. This includes our family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, social club members, church members and so on. These networks can support us just as much as we can lend support to others in them. In business, it is well known that having good contacts can help us find new customers, suppliers and others that can help us to succeed. Those that are good at business networking will find that they will get referrals which are the lifeblood of any good business. We all know that we are more likely to but from a business that has been recommended to us.

Business Networking for Dummies

I myself have been business networking for many years and have built up a good range of business contacts as a result. Even though I consider myself to be reasonably good at business networking because I know Stefan Thomas I still decided to buy his book Networking for Dummies and carefully read it. I am so glad that I made that decision.

The book is not just for newbies to business networking but has real value for those that consider themselves to be experienced networkers. Many of us that network may have never done certain things that Stefan encourages or may well have got out of the habit of doing them.

The book guides you every step of the way in your business networking journey. It will help you to choose which business networking groups are right for you. You will also learn how to interact with others (very important) and when and when not to sell your services. Networking for Dummies is laid out in the typical “for Dummies” style which in itself is very helpful and makes easier reading. Stefan Thomas writes in a way that makes the book interesting and in a very conversational style.

If you are in business or about to start one then this is the book for you. By following the advice you will soon be developing a business network that will help you to succeed. Don’t delay any longer, click the next link to get your copy of Business Networking For Dummies(R).

I would also recommend that you attend one Stefan’s workshops and for details visit his website The Networking Retreat.

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