Book Review: Running a Successful Business After the Start up Phase

Running a Successful Business After the Start Up Phase


Running a Successful Business After the start up phase - Liz Broomfield

Liz Broomfield

I am one of those people that loves to read, especially business books. There is always something new to learn or sometimes to be reminded of things forgotten or overlooked. It’s also good to read about the experiences of those in business and how they have succeeded.

The book ‘Running a Successful Business After the Start Up Phase – or Who Are You Calling Mature?’ is by Liz Broomfield (now Dexter but keeping name Broomfield for her books) a proofreader, copy editor and copywriter. Liz decided to write this book as a follow up to her first business book Going it Alone at 40: How I Survived my First Year of Full-Time Self-Employment in 2013.

In the introduction she tells us why she wrote this second business book, “A year down the line, I was doing well and feeling like I had a mature business on my hands. What do I consider to be a mature business? … But when I went to look for books on this topic, there were very few. It’s all about the start-up – and for some traditional entrepreneurs, who want to jump from start-up to start-up, relishing the excitement and scares of very new businesses, that’s fine. But what about people who want a stable, not-quite-so-exciting”.

Who is this book for?


This book is certainly for anyone who has started a business or indeed I would be happy to recommend it if you are considering starting out. The book covers many aspects of business including advertising, social media, blogging, pricing, return on investment, different ways of finding customers and much more. The book is written in sections so that you can jump to a section that interests you and not lose out on the understanding if you do. However because the book is written in this stand-alone chapter style it can be repetitive in places when you read from cover to cover as I did.

Liz writes in a refreshingly honest way. She is not pretending to be a business guru and the vast majority of business owners, that army of self employed troopers will understand the way her business has progressed. Far too many books are glossy and full of stories of great success whereas most business owners would welcome simply earning a living wage. As you read the book the normality of business life and the limited way that most small businesses can grow at first is reflected in the text.

A Good Investment

This book is not going to cost you a fortune even in printed version and indeed it’s a very small investment to download. However don’t let that fact devalue the book in any way as it contains valuable advice and information that can help you increase the profits from your business.

This is a book that I enjoyed reading and the straightforward way that Liz shows you how to apply the things that have worked for her will help you in your business. I always say that starting a business is easy. It’s much harder to keep it going! Liz has worked her way through that early period of starting a business and the challenges that self employment brings. She is therefore writing from experience and I believe that you will always learn more from people like Liz.

My recommendation


My recommendation is that this book is certainly worth reading and add to your business book library.

You can get a copy of Liz’s book today from Amazon and other places so here is a link for you to her website Liz Broomfield Books.

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