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Roland Millward

Good content on your website creates interest for visitors and also brings them to your website from search engines such as Google and Yahoo. A well written and informative article can produce visitors to your website for many years. Search engines like to see websites that have new content added regularly and blogging can produce that content.

Roland Millward can produce for you blog posts (articles) that will be search engine optimised (SEO) so that they will rank on search engine results and bring visitors to your website who will be interested in your business. The blog posts can also be promoted via my social media network  and therefore provide you with even more traffic to your website.

I have always loved writing and I remember saving up for a manual typewriter (remember those) back in the early 1970’s. It was a Brother which has a spring loaded return carriage which almost gave the appearance that it electric when the return key was pressed. Writing is a passion and my articles / blog posts for websites can be ghost written so that you get the credit for them and not me!

For more information please see my Article & Blog Writing Page. I cover a wide topic of subjects and shall be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Generate Traffic to Your Website

Every website needs traffic otherwise, it’s like having a shop with no one walking through the door. How do you get people to visit your website? There are many ways but the most reliable and cost effective way is to have good quality content that search engines will index and people will find on those on the search engines and become your visitors. Once your website becomes known for good content the search engines will regularly visit it and add your new pages / blog posts to the index.

As mentioned earlier Roland Millward can create for you content that will fit in with your business and theme of your website with the intention of being found by search engines. This website has blog posts that receive hundreds of visitors per month and have done so for many years. If each visitor had to be paid for on Google it would cost a small fortune to have received those visitors. But there is more that we can achieve together by managing your Twitter account. Please read on below.

Social Media – Twitter Management making every tweet countI have been using, teaching and writing about social media since 2008. Social Media has become one of the most powerful tools for both businesses and individuals to use, both for good and bad. With platforms such as Twitter it is now possible to get a message to millions of people all over the world in minutes. I manage a select number of Twitter accounts primarily for the small to medium business. If you would like more details please click here.

My Blog

In my blog you will find a wide range of posts covering many subjects, particularly business, social media and public speaking. To find topics that interest you I have a search page provided by Google Search. Over time, I will be expanding the number of subjects covered and hope that you enjoy reading my posts. Your comments on the posts are welcome and if you are interested in business subjects I also have a dedicated blog ProfitsrGood. If you are a blogger about business subjects I do accept guest posts on ProfitsrGood which can give you and your business valuable publicity.